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SHEA Global believes that all organizations have the potential to achieve. Our passion is to guide our customers to business excellence. We are your strategic partners in end-to-end business transformations and ongoing optimization.

At SHEA Global, we challenge our customers to look beyond the status quo to imagine what Business Better is like for them.

SHEA Global supports organizations in 20 countries from offices in Canada, US, UK, India, and the Philippines. We partner with you in building a smarter, leaner, more profitable business.

Our consultants have over 30 years of experience in business solutions across multiple industries including Defence, Aerospace and Automotive.

We provide leadership and guidance in recommending the right technology solutions for your business, from your back office ERP solutions, through specialist S&OP applications to customer facing CRM systems, with on-premise and cloud infrastructures that support it all.

We are a leading provider of Demand Driven methodologies and solutions focused on transforming supply chains inside and outside of your business.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your business needs, short term and long term, and then develop a plan to deliver education and change management throughout your organisation.


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Services SHEA Global Limited Provide

What we offer

Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning

We can help you implement the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model, which now spans the operational, tactical and strategic ranges of an organisation allowing you to successfully adapt to today's complex and volatile supply chains.

Business Reviews

Our Business Review is a collaborative engagement between us and your senior management team. This is a critical exercise before any new solution to ensure alignment with your strategy. We will then work with you to create a Solution Blueprint.

Solution Blueprint Consulting

Our Blueprint is the requirements and design phase of our services projects, the outcome of which is detailed fixed scope and cost for the rest of the project. Our consultants will help you identify the very best solutions for your business problems.

Change Management

We can help you look for the many ways to do things more efficiently. Any change that impacts more than one person in a company should have a plan to manage the communication, implementation and adoption of the change

System Integrations & Education

Our team is experienced in ensuring your journey towards excellence, moving between systems and processes for both data and people is managed and controlled. Together we can transform your operations.

Digital Transformation

Just because your systems are in the cloud doesn't mean they don't need maintaining and enhancing. We can provide round the clock support and maintenance, with practical advice on go-forward strategies based on the latest developments.

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